Eve and Lilith 2008

Here Lilith and Eve are ‘rarities’, strange specimens caught and put in museum cases because they live in a world free of the concept of original sin. They are amoral and wild, born without a sense of being ‘Somebody’ and possessing no self-consciousness.

If there is a ‘fall’ then there has to be something to ‘fall’ from, a state of perfect balance perhaps?
Eve is stepping into space like the fool in the Tarot while juggling apples – powerful, carefree joyous and completely shameless.
In the Judaic legend Lilith, the figure to portray Adams first wife, was taken from Sumerian mythology. The name originated from the Sumerian ‘Bright Queen of Heaven’ whose name Lil meant air or storm. She was often an owl. The owl was seen as an image of the goddess of the world beyond death. She is depicted as an ambiguous presence inclined to wild uninhabited places.